Thursday, December 17, 2020

"Feeling Good Because Their Coinz Are Going Parabolic"

A correspondent writes in about the bitcoin mania, and the recent phenomenon of intelligent twitter accounts crossing over to become bitcoin pumpers,

Bitcoin is going to this bros head. I'm seeing him liking all kinds of deep-value fringe fintwit tweets. I NEVER saw that before. Could be twit algo somehow, but I think it's him because of the coinz. Sad!

I mean, it's a good tweet. He's not wrong. But there's a bounce in that bros step that wasn't there two months ago if you know what I'm sayin'

This morning as I was waiting on my coffee to brew the thought occurred to me if someone told Trump contesting the election would be bad for stonks, would he do it?

Well, if you think about it, and use an uber-Boomer lens, the answer is obvious.

Now, what if you ask that for coin bros... what if Biden is good for coinz, would they get behind contesting the election? They don't see the connection of course, but look at my dude. A lot of what would be angry cons are feeling good because their coinz are going parabolic. It's a distraction from the sh*t sandwich the whole country is being served.

It definitely channels inflationary pressure in a safe direction. Imagine if they were buying gold instead? I have many times. It's no accident IMO that over the summer precious metals were knocked down then later on bitcoin has run.

Supposedly China took a lot of miners off line which caused a shortage in new coin supply. How convenient!

Biden is CCP's candidate (really all the Central Banks -- at the end of the day they are co-conspirators) and they are working hard to placate what's left of the middle class with an illusion of wealth in their investments. As long as everyone is contented by the numbers on their screen they will cling to that and ignore the hollowing out of their children's futures.

Coinz are blue pill.
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