Sunday, February 28, 2021

Value vs Growth Compilation

Just posted a Lyall quote in the comments of the Value vs Growth post:

the worse value is performing, the closer one is to the end of a liquidity flywheel bubble cycle (value had a woeful time in 1999, for instance), because value is the 'anti-bubble' expression - a Newtonian equal and opposite reaction - of liquidity flywheels driving bubbles elsewhere in markets. It is redemption flywheels that drive value opportunities, and redemption flywheels are often the result of investors pulling money out of unpopular areas of the market in a rush to get exposure to hot areas of markets 

I wanted to pull together some of recent posts on value, growth, and covid reopening.

On the value side:

On the growth/bubble side:

Reopening (part of the VvG inflection thesis):

Pondering some other possibilities as growth/bubble hedges to a value portfolio. Tell me what you think of some of these as potential long-term put plays: BYND, NKLA, SPCE, UBER, DASH.

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