Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Guest Post on Egg Nog Recipes by @PdxSag

[From our guest correspondent, @pdxsag, responding to Jeffrey Morgenthaler's eggnog recipe in our December 16th Links.]  

Stopped at the liquor store... they didn't have amontillado sherry, so I was looking up whether amontillado was sweet or dry (it's dry). I couldn't remember the egg-nog guy's website, so I hit up yours to get to his. (Why didn't I just search amontillado sherry? I had that written down. Boomer moment. We all have 'em.)

I made 3 different kinds of egg nog using Morgenthaler's recipe: Tequilla-Sherry, Rum-Brandy, Rum-Bourbon (made it on Sunday, I didn't have Sherry on hand so I substituted bourbon, then let it rest until last night). They are all good. My first time making egg nog from scratch. Never was into the store-bought stuff: too thick, suspicious. couldn't trust it. Making it myself, got over not knowing what it was and the consistency was more natural, which I take as validation of my instincts about the store-bought stuff.

First swig of the tequila-sherry was surprisingly tasty and easily the best. Would/will make again. By the bottom of the glass, though, the tequilla smell started coming through. I hate that smell. I reckon just be careful to keep glass safe distance from nose when not drinking. I think as the egg-nog sticks to the sides of the glass, the tequilla aroma gives off more as the glass empties. Nonetheless: 5/5

Rum-Brandy. Very good. Classic egg-nog. Can't go wrong: 4/5

Rum-Bourbon. First taster, bourbon was over-powering everything. Big disappointment. Then went ahead and filled glass and palate must have adjusted and it was really good. Was getting both rum and bourbon notes. Would/will do again: 4/5

Rum -- Sailer Jerry's. My stand-by for mixing. SJ's & coke is sublime. Like SJ made his to pair with coke.
Bourbon -- Elijah Craig special reserve (or something like that, it was a bad buy. Normally like EC, but this was way too sweet. Worked good for egg nog though)
Tequilla -- mid-priced anejo, don't remember the brand

Sherry and brandy were pedestrian high-vol producers. Liquor store here has a dozens of whiskeys and vodkas. Decent selections of rums, tequillas, and gins. But few (4-5) brandies and very few (may be 3?) sherries.

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Allan Folz said...

For completeness...

Tequila -- Lunazul anejo
Sherry -- Christian Brothers (dry)
Brandy -- E&J VSOP Grand Blue
Bourbon -- Evan Williams Single Barrel Reserve (barreled 2010, bottled 2017)