Monday, August 14, 2023

Monday Morning Links

  • Cleveland-Cliffs Inc. is publicly announcing a previously private offer that it had presented to the Board of the United States Steel Corporation on July 28, 2023. That offer, which was reiterated in writing to the U.S. Steel Board on August 11, 2023, proposed acquiring 100% of the outstanding stock of U.S. Steel for a per share value of $17.50 in cash and 1.023 shares of Cliffs stock. On July 28, 2023, this implied a total consideration value of $35.00 per share of U.S. Steel stock, which represented a 42% premium to U.S. Steel’s share price as of the market close on July 28, 2023. As of the close of market on Friday, August 11, 2023, this offer represents a 43% premium to U.S. Steel’s share price. [Cleveland-Cliffs Inc.]
  • I’ve noticed that a lot of class anxiety gets rebranded as planetary extinction on the left, and rebranded as racial extinction on the right. A lot of RW types have tremendous amount identity invested in their being middle class and good at spreadsheet writing. The good news is the imminent demographic death of “the west” or “whites” is overplayed. The bad news is the class of “well compensated spreadsheet writers” is dying. If you had a Time Machine and come back to Europe or Appalachia in 2100 there will still be plenty of whites. There is a good chance that if they took a dna test there would be some Mexican/Guatemalan heritage but the vast majority would be overwhelmingly European derived. However these people would likely seem “primitive” or maybe even like “rednecks.” Meaning white people as a biological phenomenon will continue, but upper middle class ways of living and speaking likely won’t. All these doomer demographic posts should be recognized for what they are, misplaced anxieties about the complete destruction of a class of people. [Deep South SR]
  • The American First Legal Foundation has taken the position that all diversity, equity and inclusion programs are illegal since the Students for Fair Admissions Inc. decision from the U.S. Supreme Court. [Faegre]
  • On the first day in office, the new president could prepare executive orders targeting the concepts and formulations that have traveled from the fringes of the 1960s Left to the center of American power. At the head of this list would be a ban on the government promotion of left-wing racialist ideology, or critical race theory, and to abolish the “diversity, equity, and inclusion” bureaucracy that serves as its administrative vehicle. The order would replace all this with a system of strict color-blind equality, prioritizing the values of equal treatment, individual excellence, and race-neutral decision-making. As part of this policy, the president could also rescind Lyndon Johnson’s Executive Order 11246, which established the legal basis for “affirmative action”—a euphemism for state-sanctioned racial discrimination in the interest of favored identity groups—and forbid the use of identity-based quotas, preferences, and “disparate impact” analysis as an acceptable basis for any federal decision-making, to the fullest extent of the law. [Christopher F. Rufo]  
  • Republicans spent half a century working to overturn Roe, yet they weren’t prepared for the democratic policy debate when that finally happened in Dobbs last year. Now they’re seeing abortion regimes as loose as Roe, or potentially looser, imposed by voters even in conservative states. This political liability will persist until the GOP finds an abortion message that most voters can accept. [WSJ]
  • The average gas station is now packed to the brim with drugs. This place had a Whip-it stand near the checkout, that I imagine is for recreational nitrous oxide users rather than whipped cream enjoyers, as well as a massive selection of kratom. ‘Whippets’ can cause irreversible brain damage and kratom has opiate-like effects, binding to the same receptors as morphine. There were also 3 stands near the checkout dedicated to weed-adjacent things including a mix of gummies, vapes, and flower bud containers. Unsure exactly what the weed-adjacent stuff was, some of it was Delta-8. Seems like a lot of these weed derivatives stemmed from the 2018 farm bill. The kratom proliferation has been insane. One of the main kratom brands, Botanic Tonics, sells super-popular small blue vials under the name ‘Feel Free’ that merely say ‘Plant-based herbal supplement’ on the front. Despite the FDA recently seizing $3M of kratom from Botanic Tonics as well as endless stories of addiction on the subreddit r/Quittingfeelfree, Botanic Tonics is an official sponsor of UT Austin and Florida State University and gives out free vials to students. [Marginal Revolution]
  • The DNC were running an armed covert election fraud operation in the swing States to take advantage of mail-in voting, to steal the election. This is why the Dems pushed so hard for mail-in voting. This is why the MSM/CDC/NIH over-exaggerated Covid deaths. This is why Deep State actors created and released SARS-CoV-2. All of it was one massive coordination to steal the 2020 election. They released the virus to make the “pandemic”. Then they exaggerate the virus to make everyone afraid to be close to each other, thus the public accept mass mail-in voting. Then they use the excess ballots and fake registrations to commit voter fraud in all the swing States by ballot dumping at 3:00 AM once they know how many ballots they need to win. On top of this, they used the intelligence community and Fascistic control over Big Tech to censor anyone who talked about the Hunter Biden Laptop, covid “disinformation”, or election “disinformation”. Anything that got too close to their plan to use a bioweapon to steal the election, they banned it from the Internet. This was the most sinister crime in history. Genocide, treason, global psychological manipulation. [Clandestine]
  • There are sound legal, economic, and epidemiological reasons for exempting premium cigars from FDA regulation, but this ruling is yet another example of how cigar smokers are treated better under the law than users of other nicotine and tobacco products. Smoking bans often make exemptions for cigar lounges while forbidding vapes, cigarettes, and hookahs, and comprehensive prohibitions on the sale of tobacco products (like the one implemented in Beverly Hills) carve out exceptions for cigars. There's more than a whiff of classism to American tobacco law, as consumers of high-end cigars are granted the freedom to smoke what they like while vapers and cigarette smokers are kicked to the curb or denied the right to purchase their preferred products. [Jacob Grier]


Anonymous said...

I've stopped by this site for several years. I enjoy the eclectic and thoughtful mix. But man, your link to the "clandestine" Twitter account is something. Makes Zero Hedge look like the voice of reason.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you're here to see things you won't find in the New York Times?

Anonymous said...

I hardly read NYT and I read ZH even less, but personally not an adherent of the conspiracy stuff. Have a pleasant day.

Anonymous said...

In the early days when covid was first being described (publicly) there was an unlucky omission from the papers. They glossed over the furin cleavage site.

But it gets worse still for the zoonosis theory. The gene sequence for the amino acids in the furin site in CoV-2 uses a very rare set of two codons, three letter words so six letters in a row, that are rarely used individually and have never been seen together in tandem in any coronaviruses in nature. But these same ‘rare in nature’ codons turn out to be the very ones that are always used by scientists in the laboratory when researchers want to add the amino acid arginine, the ones that are found in the furin site. When scientists add a dimer of arginine codons to a coronavirus, they invariably use the word, CGG-CGG, but coronaviruses in nature rarely (<1%) use this codon pair. For example, in the 580,000 codons of 58 Sarbecoviruses the only CGG pair is CoV-2; none of the other 57 sarbecoviruses have such a pair.

So, there is no natural example of a furin protein site in nature that could be introduced into CoV-2 by recombination, there is no natural example of the particular gene sequence for the furin protein site contained in CoV-2 being used to code for anything in nature, but this particular coding is exactly what Dr. Shi, Baric, and others have used previously in published experiments to insert or optimize arginine codons.

It is telling that when Dr. Shi introduced the world to CoV-2 for the first time in January 2020 she showed hundreds of gene sequences of this novel virus but stopped just short of showing the furin site, the one she is purported to have introduced, seemingly not wanting to call attention to her handywork. She apparently failed to realize that an accomplished but innocent virologist, finding the first furin site ever seen in this class of viruses apparently coming from nature, would have featured the presence of the furin site prominently, and also would have used its presence and her experience with furin sites in other viruses to predict what it would foretell for the world due to its aggressive nature.

Also, around this time - we're talking January to March of 2020 - someone stole the french central pharmacy's supply of chloroquines. Just physically stole it - gone. But we had yet to discover, publicly, what was going to be different about treating covid. The furin cleavage site does something besides let covid jump cell types/species more easily. It's is also the reason covid doesn't respond to HCQ the way SARS did. With endosomal entry blocked, covid can still get in another way, using its shiny new furin cleavage site.

If you were a conspiratorial type, you might say it's almost as if the virus heard about the CDC's 2005 Virology Journal paper and evolved with the knowledge of what medicines it might expect to encounter some day. Clearly the virus knew more than whoever stole the HCQ in France.

Anonymous said...

There's zero daylight between covid being a lab escape and covid being intentional. After the first week even if they really did lose control of it by accident the people who already understood it intimately at the level of base pairs elected not to tell us what sites it was engineered to attach to, what routes it was dependent on, what they had seen of it in its most vulnerable moments down there all alone in the petri dish. Dr. Shi could have perhaps saved many lives just by telling the world that she saw a furin site in the virus sequence.

When covid "started" for the rest of us they already knew it better than anyone else will for years to come. And radio silence. If covid was made in a lab, and the people who built it didn't tell us how it worked, well then what? That's intention. That's intention each morning for one year and two months. Functionally it really was cured in advance, and with that knowledge the ruling class didn't prevent this, they figured out which medicines to hide.

Once you're convinced that covid was not only created in a lab, but that its release and everything that followed was done on purpose, the implications of the furin site are upsetting to consider. Whether it was inserted for that very purpose or only in the course of moving it from an animal model to humanized cells, in the end the virus couldn't be something whose treatment was already solved. It wouldn't have made it out the door that way, I'm now convinced. That's the purpose covid's furin cleavage site ended up serving. It, and its concealment, and then the silence around its significance from those most familiar with it, were necessary parts of everything that has happened in the past year. In the final analysis the addition of the furin cleavage site allowed covid to do an endrun around the known SARS treatment. Without it covid would have been a flash in the pan, and somebody somewhere on Earth made covid like this, whatever they were thinking when they did it.

Anonymous said...

I like this site for its provocative against the grain subject matter. But that Clandestine post is one serious whack-job conspiracy drool.