Friday, May 25, 2007

Housing Roundup

Man uses pigs to trash own house after foreclosure:
"Lovett bought a home on SE Wildcat Mountain Drive in Eagle Creek a few years ago. In January the house went into foreclosure. Neighbors told police that Lovett was extremely distraught over the the situation. He apparently told several that he had put the animals inside the house over a week ago and even joked about the fact that they did not have any water.
When deputies responded to complaints about the pigs, the inside and outside of the home were trashed."

The indictment says defendants fraudulently financed 16 properties, including homes in Goodyear and Buckeye, as well as 11 luxury cars mostly purchased at Arizona dealerships:
"Twelve people, suspected of being part of a sophisticated white-collar crime ring led by an ex-convict, have been indicted involving a mortgage-loan scam stretching from Arizona to Nevada to California.
The defendants, including a real estate agent, college students and family members living in the three states are accused of defrauding lenders out of $8 million."

Houses 50% off in Sacramento (News 10 Report)

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