Thursday, March 20, 2008

Jim Cramer Truth Watch

This is kind of old news but if you haven't seen it yet, you need to watch this YouTube of Jim Cramer: "No. No. No. Bear Stearns is fine."

I discussed Cramer almost a year ago in my post James J. Cramer: Mad Money, Indeed. To this day it is one of the most popular posts on this blog.

This is a problem with CNBC (which I'm fortunate enough to not watch), not just Cramer. Market Ticker puts it well in a blog post today:

"We do not have 'financial TV' in this country. We have blatant market manipulation in the guise of 'news' on a daily basis."
If you must watch CNBC, put it on mute, and preferably hang your TV set sideways or upside down so that you can remember to only watch it ironically.

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