Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Secret of Blogging

The secret of blogging is to post all the time - a minimum of twice a day. Mebane Faber studied investment blogging and found this to be true.

I think this is because most blog readers aren't using feed readers (aggregators) like Google Reader.

If you don't have a feed reader, you have to manually check every site you are interested in for updates. If the site doesn't update twice a day, you get bored and drift away from the site.

Thus, frequent posting is the key to maintaining readership among the non-technically savvy, non-aggregator using population of readers.

Not having a feed reader must make it hard to keep track of very many blogs. Anyone who fails to read the most influential blogs in their field (investing, economics, politics, real estate, science) is clueless about what is going on.

Imagine if - shudder - you got your information about the commercial real estate market by going to quarterly conferences where CRE executives (themselves several layers removed from reality) gave rally-the-troops talks.

In 2007, you needed to be on the blogs where mortgage brokers and real estate agents talked about the best ways to jam garbage loans through the system.

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