Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Most Popular May Posts

As part of my continuing monthly list of most popular posts, here are the most popular May posts.

An Inflation-Agnostic Trade: Chesapeake (CHK) Preferred Stock (CHKDG)

Review of The Hollywood Economist: The Hidden Financial Reality Behind the Movies by Edward Jay Epstein

Thoughts about China & Review of The Party: The Secret World of China's Communist Rulers

There Is No Switch

More About Longtop Financial

Note that these are most popular, as judged by the masses/market, not necessarily the best.


Allan Folz said...

Yeah, I tried to pick up some of the CHK preferred last week when some poor schulb got taken out under $98. I was quite ready to pay $98, but no fill. :-(

Two days later, what I can only hope was a different poor schlub got taken in at almost $102.

WTF? Limit orders people!

Maybe I'll put a GTC at $75 and cross my fingers for a flash crash.

CP said...

CHKDG is really illiquid - offering liquidity at attractive prices is a good idea.