Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Did You Know That the PIGS Are Paying Pharma Companies in Scrip?

The following is a footnote in the Pfizer 10-K (annual report) which was filed today.

Accounts Receivable
We continue to monitor developments regarding government and government agency receivables in several European markets, where economic conditions remain uncertain. Historically, payments from a number of European governments and government agencies extend beyond the contractual terms of sale and the trend is worsening. In Greece, certain of our accounts receivable have been restructured into bonds with maturities that further lengthened the repayment timeline.

We believe that our allowance for doubtful accounts is appropriate. Our assessment is based on an analysis of the following: (i) payments received to date; (ii) the consistency of payments from customers; (iii) direct and observed interactions with the governments (including court petitions) and with market participants (for example, the factoring industry); and (iv) various third-party assessments of repayment risk (for example, rating agency publications and the movement of rates for credit default swap instruments).

As of December 31, 2011, we had about $1.5 billion in aggregate gross accounts receivable from governments and/or government agencies in Spain, Italy, Greece, Portugal and Ireland, where economic conditions remain uncertain. Such receivables in excess of one year from the invoice date were as follows: $290 million in Spain; $139 million in Italy; $81 million in Greece; and $10 million in Portugal.

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Allan Folz said...

Wow, I for one think that's pretty incredible.

Not only does Europe skate on the US' R&D dollar, they don't even pay for the cost of manufacture.