Sunday, April 1, 2012

Other Value Bloggers Write About Conrad Industries (CNRD)

One post is called "A watershed moment for Conrad Industries" and the other is "Conrad Industries... unanswered questions" - where the "unanswered question" is "why is the stock so cheap".

It's funny for me to see people puzzling over the cheapness of the stock now, when it is hitting new highs, as opposed to over a year ago when we first started writing about it. As a longtime CNRD follower, it is also amazing to see three posts and lots of tweets about it in one week.


Taylor Conant said...

First guy has a follow-up that's good, too:

Here's another:

Taylor Conant said...

Another update, this time about the undervalued real estate:

CP said...

Nice work. Who would've thought that CNRD posts would get difficult to keep track of?

One of them mentioned this article:

Brownsville Marine Products LLC expects to build 143 barges this year and 165 next year and to top out at 180 barges in 2013, said CEO and President Timothy Scheib. The boatyard, once known as Hillman Barge Co., built only 86 barges in 2009 and 113 last year before a pickup in orders kicked in.

"Most of our capacity is already booked for the next three years," said Scheib, a Leetsdale native and Quaker Valley graduate. "The barge business is very good. All the yards are working,"

Read more: Barge builder's orders pick up; more workers to be hired in 2012 - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review