Friday, May 18, 2012

Kirchner and Obama

Headed in the wrong direction:

"In prior posts I've mentioned the disturbing parallels between the policies of President Kirchner and President Obama. Once again I'll add that every time I described the key features of Obama's policies to an Argentine friend, the immediate response was wide-eyed amazement: "that's exactly what Kirchner is doing!" Radical left-wing political tactics; strong support of unions; industrial policy which favors some industries at the expense of others; nationalization of key industries (e.g., GM and YPF); contempt for capitalists/banks; pitting rich against poor, or, more generally, acquiring political power via divide and conquer strategies; political cronyism to reward friends, collaborators, and contributors; higher taxes on the rich; massive income redistribution; and socialized medicine, to name a few. In the U.S. it's called Chicago-style politics, and in Argentina it's called peronism."

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