Saturday, May 26, 2012

More Color on the Makena / Compounded 17p Competition (KV Pharma)

Looking at an Aetna provider memo [PDF] from last year. "Precertification" (i.e. preapproval) is required for reimbursement for Makena but not for the compounded 17p. The memo points out that "The Society for Maternal Fetal Medicine highlighted that there is no evidence that Makena is more effective or safer than the compound drug."

A December 2011 provider memo [PDF] from the Connecticut Department of Social Services Medical Assistance Program said that "Due to the extremely high cost of Makena® (approximately $800 per dose as compared with approximately $20 per dose for the compounded product), the Department encourages providers to use the compounded form of 17P unless there are compelling and decisive clinical factors necessitating use of Makena."

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