Monday, June 11, 2012


Hussman: "Over the long run, economic growth really means the introduction of new products and services, new methods and technologies, and indeed whole new industries. These aren't the result of stimulus programs, but are instead the result of productive investment, education, creativity, and frankly time."

Spain: "Grandchildren thus have an attenuated income stream, while families are spared the expense (literally and figuratively) of sending grandparents to nursing homes."

Two Hundred Years of Hospital Costs and Mortality — MGH and Four Eras of Value in Medicine: "The post-2000 era, however, seems to be characterized by diminishing returns, with growth in costs far outpacing reductions in inpatient mortality."

"We hope that this listing of major, selected political changes can assist you in estimating the age of a world map or globe." [pdf]

Signalling: "These emotional traits are able to persist in an evolutionary setting as the 'irrational' behaviour allows people to make credible commitments, which then allow them to gain the benefits of increased cooperation or protection from cheating. For example, if you can signal that you are trustworthy and your guilt will prevent you from cheating someone, you are more likely to be able to enter beneficial trades and cooperative arrangements."

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