Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Earnings Calendar

Earnings season is about to start for the companies that we follow. Here are the announced dates so far.

K-V Pharma ?
GMXR July 30
AONE July 31
PQ August 2
CHK August 6
CNRD expected ~ August 15
HOV September 5

It would not surprise me if KV never filed another earnings report before filing for bankruptcy. The GMXR and AONE reports should be pretty bearish. We are hoping that CHK can announce some major asset sales for good prices.


carpet cleaning denver co said...

What do you think about SVU? Is it a stock that you think will file BK?

Your picks have made me a lot over the years. Your track record has to be the best in the industry.


Allan Folz said...


I'm not optimistic. I saw yesterday they sold 3300 acres of Barnett Shale for $100M. I don't know what the market was expecting, but if that was great news I think the stock would have responded more favorably.

CP said...

Thanks, always glad to hear from longtime readers.

I'm not crazy about SVU. The grocery business was competitive enough, and now there's competition from TGT and WMT. Plus, a big shift to eating more meals out of the home. Do people appreciate this?