Thursday, July 26, 2012

"Re: Recent FAX from KV Pharmaceutical concerning [Makena]."

Saw this post about Makena on the Ob Gyn L Forum:

There will be more and more attempts by KV to do other "end around sweeps" to be the sole provider!

I continue to write for the high quality product of the Walgreen's Pharmacy at Texas Womans Hospital. I do not plan to change my behavior brcause of this attempt by KV to manipulate the facts


portland_allan said...

Wow. FDA's own logo on the fax. That's cheek.

IME, bureaucrats have no sense of humor and protect their petty turf like a cornered wolverine. The viciousness of their attack is directly proportional to the pettiness of the turf.

CP said...

Right, I think they will "make sure" KV goes BK just to make a point on this one.

"To meet Plaintiffs’ demands, the Court must order FDA to disregard not only its own risk-based approach for prioritizing inspection and enforcement resources regarding compounding generally but also, consequently, its priorities for other unrelated enforcement activities: more time spent on pharmacies compounding 17-HPC means less time spent pursuing enforcement actions in other areas."

They as much as say that this would waste the FDA's time.