Thursday, August 23, 2012

Microsoft is a Dog ($MSFT)

I've been reading about the new Microsoft OS, "Windows" 8, that looks like a total disaster. Here is one interesting take on it:

No business will tolerate this software, let me assure you. As a productivity tool, it is unusable.
[...]What is this departure based on? It’s based on the pipe dream that the unsuccessful user interface used by Windows Phone will turn into a success on the tablet — to such an extreme that people will also demand it on the desktop, so all the platforms can have the same look and feel.
And more good analysis from another source:
I think Microsoft is scared that it might be permanently closed out of the new markets, so it wants to force people onto Metro before that happens. I believe that's really why it eliminated the Start menu. If Start is still there, Windows users could live for years without learning much about Metro. But with Start gone, Windows users will have to use bits of Metro now, and Microsoft believes they'll naturally embrace it once they've been forced to use it.
[He goes on to describe one out of three possible scenarios for how customers react to Win 8:]
Windows users cling to Windows 7 tenaciously. In this scenario, Windows 8 becomes the new Vista. Microsoft's anticipated revenue from Windows 8 upgrades does not materialize, hurting the company's stock price and forcing layoffs to maintain earnings. Microsoft's hardware partners are left with big stockpiles of unsalable Windows 8 PCs which they have to write down. This accelerates the share growth of the Asian PC makers, who can best withstand a price war. HP kills its PC division, and Dell is in deep trouble.
Microsoft is so loathsome! They have been fat, lazy, complacent, and customer-unfriendly for years, coasting on their monopoly. Maybe now this will kill the golden goose.

I'm finally going to switch to Apple this year. Over/under on how much longer these clowns stay in business?

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