Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Small Companies, Slowly Going Private

This reminds me of Conrad:

"[A] look at the company’s story over the last five years shows that good things can happen to investors who buy obscure but profitable companies with strong balance sheets. Abatix deregistered its stock in September, 2007, moving to the pink sheets. At the time, shares of Abatix traded for around $7. Over the next five years Abatix ticked along making consistent profits and paying off all debt. With this going private transaction, an investor who bought in September 2007 will have made about 111%, or 16.1% annualized."
I just did a screen for micro cap companies (between 5mm and 200mm) that are buying back stock, are cheap, and profitable.
Here's some high 5 year compounded ROE tickers: CNRD, QEPC, ACU, CLRO.
Some high current ratios (good for buybacks): NSSI, RSKIA, ELSE, WTT.

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