Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Another Very Bullish Coment from Kirby Corporation Q3 Conference Call ($CNRD)

Even better tidbit from the Q&A section of the Kirby Q3 conference call,

Jimmy Gilbert - Iberia Capital
And then I wanted to kind of follow up like on David’s question about the newbuilds and retirements, what if I were to call jet boat or turning marine and wanted to order a tank barge either a 10 or 30, what would be the first delivery date that could give one to me? Assuming I have the financing which I don’t.

Joe Pyne
Assuming you have the money, the major yards are really pretty booked up through 2013. So the tail end to 2013 maybe farther 2014 for you to be able to get anything from the major yards. There are some specialty yards that aren’t efficient as those major yards that maybe priced slightly higher, that may have some availability for very limited run in production. I am not sure we have the traditional visibility on the jet boat that we have. So they may have some capacity but they seem to be very disciplined with respect to how they are using their capacity.

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