Sunday, October 28, 2012

Other Good Value Investing Blogs

Someone asked about this in the comments section. These are people who are doing good work, with an emphasis on undiscovered, linking to a very good recent post:

Ragnar is a Pirate
OTC Adventures
The Red Corner
Oddball Stocks
Stable Boy
Distressed Debt Investing
Whopper Investments

Let me know about other good value blogs.

By the way, isn't it fascinating that there are about a dozen really good blogs for the whole, worldwide OTC and micro cap universe (of >10k companies), yet at least that many blogs dedicated to guessing next quarter's iPad nano sales?

Why would you own gold or Apple (two of the most boring assets in the world) when there are companies trading for less than current asset value, whose CEOs you can call on the phone and try to badger into doing things that are more accretive?

I predict that doing all this hard work doesn't suddenly become popular, but the people doing it will reap the rewards.


Phil said...

Those are good blogs.

I blog at, focusing on value investing in New Zealand predominantly, but also the USA.

I also read and

CP said...


Bronte does good work too - good point.

Tell us about New Zealand. What do you see there?

carpet cleaning denver co said...

Good sites.


CP said...

Am I missing anything? There's people who were good in the past but have disappeared. Not everyone has staying power.