Friday, December 21, 2012

Conrad Industries Hits New High ($CNRD)

Conrad peaked during the last cycle at $17.59 in September 2007. At that point, the diluted share count was approximately ~7.3 million for a market capitalization of $128.4 million (higher than today!).

Book value at the end of 2007 was $43.5 million, for a P/B of 2.95x.

Adjusted for the recent special dividend, book value today is probably equal to or greater than $92 million versus the current market cap of roughly $110 million (a P/B of under 1.2x).

The stock is much cheaper now than it was in 2007 based on book value, trailing EBITDA, and trailing net income multiples.


clay said...

No update on CNRD after the great quarter and business update?

clay said...

are you going to post an update on Conrad after the great quarter and business update?