Friday, November 1, 2013

Do We Really Need An SR-72 Spy Plane?

Can't even imagine what this SR-72 would cost. It's great to know that the regime is going to spend itself into oblivion. Joseph Tainter's collapse theory predicts this.

In Nicaragua, the rural police ride the bus with everyone else because they can't afford cars (even on duty). It's a left wing regime but too poor to spy on your emails or irradiate you at the airport.


Portlander said...

I'm very doubtful we'll ever see an SR72. The engineering and manufacturing talent just isn't there anymore. It's one thing to sling around software code and make the bits do whatever you feel like, quite another to build real objects that have to deal in the messy, unpredictable real world.

Likewise for China, it's one thing to get really good knocking-off competitors' products and cutting corners to the point you're squeezing out nickels clients did not even know existed. It's quite another to compete on quality and innovation, and where cost is only tangential consideration.

CP said...

Ten years later, no SR-72 yet.