Wednesday, June 4, 2014

"Has Even RadioShack's CEO Given Up on a Turnaround?" $RSH

Motley Fool article:

"After yesterday's shareholder meeting, though, even the Shack's CEO has apparently put aside his rose-colored glasses and admitted the future is much bleaker than has been previously allowed.

Revenues continue falling each quarter, down 20% in the fourth quarter, twice as bad as the 10% drop in the third. Worse, comparable sales at stores open for a year or more -- an important retail metric because it gauges growth (or contraction) based on already existing stores, not new ones opened -- plunged 19% in the year-end quarter, more than double the 8% decline in the third. Other than a meager 1% increase in comps seen in the second quarter because RadioShack had been dumping merchandise at fire-sale prices, which compacted margins, it hasn't had a positive showing in two years."

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