Monday, June 16, 2014

"The Designer Of The F-16 Explains Just How Stupid The F-35 Is"


AllanF said...

Have you seen Pentagon Wars?

It's presented as a comic farce, because otherwise the whole thing would be too much an outrage to palate for a full 2 hours. That and there's no other way to sum up the whole fiasco in 2 hours. As such, you have to watch it as kind of a feature-length Mike Judge-ian (Idiocracy) allegory on the Pentagon.

It's on YouTube. The whole thing. Go figure.

AllanF said...

In my less charitable moments I feel like the US could manage, sub-optimally as it might be, so long as our best and brightest boys went into productive fields like manufacturing (Ford, Boeing, Dow) and engineering (HP, Intel, old-IBM).

Now that they are all going into "social media plays" and zero-sum trading on Wall Street, the host can't handle the amount of overhead for which the elites' lifestyles have grown accustomed. 20-30 million immigrants wanting a piece of the social contract doesn't help either.

I can't, for the life of me (and I've tried), see how this ends well.