Friday, July 18, 2014

WSJ: "James River Set to Auction Its Assets" $JRCC $JRCCQ


"On Tuesday in Manhattan, James River Coal is scheduled to auction itself off at the offices of its bankruptcy counsel, Davis Polk & Wardwell LLP.

Originally scheduled to hold the auction on July 8, James River has been wavering among reorganizing, selling its assets or liquidating."


eah said...

Why is James River Coal going broke when -- as I posted earlier -- some US powerplants are importing coal from Russia?

Anonymous said...

Thats why!! Coal from overseas being imported instead of using or own natural resources. My husband is employed there and it's been a steady decline for years!!! Looks like soon his job will be gone, as many others have lost there's too. You want to thank someone, thank your wonderful president!! He's not creating jobs for this country, he's creating them for others :(