Friday, September 12, 2014

"RadioShack's Pathetic Spin Attempt in the Fine Print" $RSH

Herb Greenberg post about the Radio Shack Q:

Shame on RadioShack  (RSH) for leaving the best part for the fine print that most people probably would've missed.
To read the text of its earnings release today is to read about a company discussing "debt restructuring," closing stores and, in general, a "recapitalization." But, above all, it's a company discussing "a solution to maximize the value to all of our stakeholders"

To anybody who has been around the market for any amount of time, that should've set off bells and sirens.

"Recapitalization" is often a buzzword for bankruptcy, and the use of the word "stakeholders" should've been the dead giveaway.
But the company left the best part to the fine print of the liquidity section in its 10-Q, filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Here, RadioShack not only bluntly said that it's thinking about Chapter 11 bankruptcy, but that it is considering Chapter 7 liquidation.

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Anonymous said...

Bonds remain in the low 30s and are edging lower. Not as volatile as the equity. The bonds are a much better indicator of the enterprise value.