Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Broken Silver Parabola

I was right about the silver bubble.

Now looks like another very good risk reward for being short. The "support" at around $18 has been broken. My target to the downside would be and has been marginal cost of mining.

See the latest Pan American Silver investor presentations, for example. Based on the chart above, the production growth despite declining prices, and the mines' cash costs, $10 per ounce sounds about right.


whydibuy said...

Yeah,make enough bear calls and your bound to get a hit now and then.

Anonymous said...

great call whydibuy

eah said...


you're -- type it often enough and you're bound to get it right -- like a monkey

but I certainly would not want to be long Ag right now

Anonymous said...


you did look back at CPs posts from 2011 calling the top, right?

Open mouth. Insert foot.

whydibuy said...

Thanks, Anon #1.
As for our resident spellchecker, a thousand apologies for a misspelling. We do notice the ad hominem attack but no counter to the point within the posting. Short the S&P this year, bear ? Up 8%.......ooops,lol.

Again, Eah, call enough "tops" and you'll eventually be right.

BTW, where is that other bear clown something "prosperity" who sees broken chart lines of doom in everything? I think he said the economy would be in recession about now. Ooooops.

why buy said...

whydibuy is still waiting for his huge comeuppance

whydibuy said...

while you're getting yours in the bear camp, why

why buy said...

Yes, the credit bubble short ideas like RSH and SLV and WLT just keep going up up don't they?