Monday, October 6, 2014

Correspondent Comment on Denmark and NATO

"Denmark wants to be a serious military player in NATO.

These dimwits cannot seem to figure out, even after the U.S. banks financed the destruction of Europe in two world wars and profited massively on the rebuilds that followed, that NATO is nothing more than a setup to do the same thing again - start a war, reduce Europe to rubble and then rebuild it and make a fortune in the process.

They don't see it even though Russia has announced that they will immediately launch a massive tactical nuke attack against European NATO countries if NATO moves against them. Do these clowns in Denmark really think that reducing Europe to rubble would necessarily cause either the U.S. or Russia to destroy themselves by launching ICBMs at one another?"


Anonymous said...

What does this have to do with credit bubble stocks?

CP said...

Everything has to do with everything.

John said...

The foreign policy herding impulse
could have severe "fat tail" implications for European securities and sovereign debt.

History rhymes!

Black Swans fly!

CP said...