Sunday, November 16, 2014

Hint For Yujiapu Financial District - Estimation Question

I asked,

"How much iron ore and met coal did it take to build Yujiapu Financial District? How many dry bulk carriers would that have filled? How do those quantities of ore and coal compare to the output of a mine?"
Here's how I estimated it:
  • Buildings
  • Area Per Building (m^2)
  • Steel/Area (kg/m^2)
  • Value of Steel ($/t ca 2011)
  • Steel/iron ore ratio (t/t)
  • Capesize capacity (t)
  • Rio Tinto Brockman 4 mine (iron ore t/y)
  • Met coal to iron ore ratio (t/t)
  • Value of Met coal ($/t ca 2011)
  • Walter Energy Wolverine mine (Million tons met coal/y)
Give me your best guesses for any of these. I'll post estimate this week.

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