Tuesday, November 11, 2014

"Soon every company will be a software company."


"Why are software-based companies taking over the world? The answer is simply that powering companies by software allows them to be responsive and data-driven and, hence, able to react to changes quickly."
Software = nimble. But there are other ways to be nimble, like being small.

A correspondent writes, "Yet there are calls to end 'software patents.' I wonder if in the late 1800s and early 1900s there were calls to end 'gear and sprocket' patents."


Luke The Debtor said...

Software may "allow" a company to be responsive and data-driven, but reality says there is a such thing as too-much and too-little data. Though, you better get the software before the market prices you out.

whydibuy said...

I agree with Luke.
I saw, first hand, how companies demanding more and more data off the shop floor caused worst data to be imputed. There is such a thing as bogging down an operation with paperwork to a degree that info becomes invented or contrived that, further down the road, crashes this utopia of nimbleness. Whole loads of parts were suddenly nowhere to be found when needed. But it was showing up on a database so everything is just peachy, right?