Thursday, December 11, 2014

Going Concern Warning In RadioShack 10-Q $RSH

From today's Form 10-Q:

"We have experienced losses for the past two years that continued to accelerate into the third quarter of fiscal 2015, primarily attributed to a prolonged downturn in our business. Our ability to generate cash from operations depends in large part on the level of demand for our products and services. We continue to face an uncertain business environment and a number of fundamental challenges in our mobility business due to lack of availability of new devices launched during the period, aggressive price competition and intense wireless carrier marketing activities. Our retail business also faces the challenge of revamping our product assortment to anticipate and meet our customers’ needs and wants to produce profitable operating margins. We believe these challenging market conditions will continue into fiscal year 2016.

Given our negative cash flows from operations and our expected cash needs for the next twelve months and over the longer term as discussed in Note 4 – 'Restructuring and Impairment,' we entered into definitive agreements to provide additional near-term liquidity and serve as a first step in our efforts to effect our recapitalization. We continue tightly managing our cash and monitoring our liquidity position and have implemented a number of initiatives to conserve our liquidity position.

As part of the anticipated next phase of the recapitalization plan, we continue to explore alternatives and have engaged in discussions with our existing and potential new lenders in an effort to create a long-term solution. If we do not improve our cash flow from operations and refinance our existing debt, we may not have enough cash and working capital to continue to fund our operations beyond the near term, which raises substantial doubt about our ability to continue as a going concern.

To date, we have closed 175 underperforming stores since the beginning of the current fiscal year. We may close additional underperforming stores and take other measures to reduce our cost structure. The actual number of store closures could vary considerably depending on the specific restructuring alternative implemented. Our ability to close stores is limited by covenants contained in our debt agreements, and prior efforts to obtain consents from our lenders to close greater numbers of stores have been unsuccessful.

There can be no assurance that our efforts to further restructure our debt or operations will be successful. Even if successful, our restructuring efforts could have materially adverse effects on our business and on the market price of our securities. If our restructuring efforts are not successful, or cannot be completed in a timely manner, or if we are unable to improve our liquidity or if we fail to meet certain conditions of the recapitalization plan described in Note 4 – 'Restructuring and Impairment,' we may be required to seek to implement in-court bankruptcy proceedings, which could result in a default on our debt with our lenders and/or the liquidation of the Company and the loss of your investment in the Company.

As of November 1, 2014, we had $43.3 million in cash and cash equivalents. Additionally, we had availability under our 2018 Credit Facility of $19.3 million as of November 1, 2014. This resulted in a total liquidity position of $62.6 million at November 1, 2014.

On December 1, 2014, the Company received a notice of default and acceleration asserting that events of default have occurred and are continuing under the SCP Credit Agreement (defined below). The Company disagrees with the assertions contained in the notice of default that any event of default has occurred. See Note 12 – 'Subsequent Events' for further discussion."
Look at all the people who still own this turkey.

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