Friday, December 12, 2014

Reader Comment On Contingencies Regarding RadioShack's Recapitalization and Investment Agreement $RSH

From the comment gallery:

"All of the conditions above seem to be insurmountable hurdles for RSH to meet prior to their respective deadlines.

RSH has to come up with $250 million to make immediate payments to Salus and Cerberus or file for bankruptcy protection.

It is without doubt that a default has occurred under Section 7.1(c) of the Credit Agreement dated on December 10, 2013, given that the the Borrower issued 'Stock Equivalents' to Affiliates in connection with the October 3rd transaction, as is expressly defined and prohibited in section 5.6 thereof."


Anonymous said...

FYI: Standard General's CDS expire on 12/20 according to . Do you think SG will pull out after? Will another firm step in or will RSH go under?

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