Thursday, January 8, 2015

New Low For RadioShack Bonds $RSH

Oddlot traded in the 13 range, yield to maturity of over 80 percent!

Still no solution to:

  • Salus notice of default
  • store closure plan
  • rights offering conditions / details of plausible plan
Now that we know that certain people were simply trying to help their CDS shorts expire worthless, my money is that none of those three issues will be resolved and the company will file for bankruptcy.

In particular, if Salus is able to and starts exercising its remedies as a secured creditor, that would force the company's hand.


Anonymous said...

Can anyone shed some light on how the CDS market is pricing a credit default event occurring in the near future? Are the spreads shrinking, expanding, or remaining constant? Likewise, how does the net and gross notations compare to last week?

Also, does anyone have any insights as to when the Standard General CDS contracts are set to expire?

Mr. Gotham said...

This is the best data that is publicly the top of the page you can toggle the view for previous week/month/year. Doesn't give any detail on the duration of the contracts though.

Anonymous said...

Salus offers $500M DIP financing on the condition RSH files for bankruptcy by Thursday:

jHurt said...

^does that coincide with a CDS date?

Anonymous said...

Any good reason why stock is up?