Thursday, February 5, 2015

Interesting Bit From the RadioShack Store Closure "Consulting Agreement" $RSH

Notwithstanding the importance of maximizing the value of the Merchandise, and minimizing the overall expenses of the Sale, also of importance in connection with the Sale is to ensure protection of the RadioShack brand and viability of the go-forward stores. To this end, Consultant will assign experienced personnel to each aspect of the Sale and provide comprehensive training on the RadioShack culture, customer relations, best practices and service standards. In particular, Consultant will assist the Merchant, at Merchant’s sole cost and expense, with developing a customer transition program (and associated budget) whereby the Consultant will transition customers, new and existing, from the Closing Locations to the Merchant’s go-forward stores. This customer transition program will include, subject to the further agreement of the Merchant (in consultation with the Lender) and Consultant, among other items, signage directing customers to the nearest go-forward stores, sales associate buttons conveying a transitional message, distributing Merchant-supplied “bounce back offer” material, valid at go-forward stores after Sale; and customer service “best practice” of checking nearby stores for out-of-stock items at the Closing Locations. All out-of-pocket costs incident to this transition program will be borne by Merchant.

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