Sunday, May 24, 2015 Reviews of Working at Molycorp

Speaking of sleuthing, here are highlights from some of the reviews of Molycorp on

  • "Long drive, bad executive decisions (both locally and corporate), mismanagement of construction resulting in costly delays, overages, bad engineering, and poor QA/QC of construction."
  • "they reward there shifters and bosses according to amount produced , so if something breaks or if a product goes out of spec , instead of fixing the problem or adjusting procedure to get it back in spec. they just run full speed or duct tape the problem so they can get there numbers out and leave the real problem for some one on the other shift , and of course the other shift runs the same way so it never gets fixed or corrected until millions of dollars are spent reworking product hat could have been fixed from the beginning"
  • "Basically everything about the place. Horrible management. My boss was not even my technical boss, was not qualified to manage or run a laboratory and made it a nightmare. The laboratory was whofully understaffed and needs a management structure and more people for the amount of work the facility expects. Coworkers who drag their feet and expect you to pick up the slack or do their duties. Take a look at the other reviews. A laughable operation going on. I hope it doesn't fold in the way many predict, for the sake of the men and women who work up there."
  • "The most technically incompetent and unethical organization under the sun. Spent $1.5B+ to build Project Phoenix , misrepresented to investors that they knew what they were doing technically, but eliminated the technical staff. Fired the entire mining department when the drilling program didn't produce the desired expanded resource results. Operations is a bunch of clueless mining folks with chemistry or metallurgy degrees that don't understand the process and lie to Sr. management about everything and blame everyone but themselves. Stock is down 70+% in a year and they have no idea how to identify or prioritize the projects necessary to succeed. Anyone decent that can escape already has. This will go down as Enron II after bankruptcy."
  • "From a safety perspective this place is the worst... people by pass safety interlocks and other safety devices and cause spills of hazardous chemical with no consequences, where any other company has zero tolerance. No wonder this place was shut down by the EPA in the late 1990's."
Doesn't sound good. People are always going to complain about their job, but the Glassdoor reviews at a successful company look very different.

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