Monday, November 9, 2015

Bankruptcy Warning in Arch Coal 10-Q $ACI

As a result of extremely challenging current market conditions, Arch believes it will require a significant restructuring of its balance sheet in order to continue as a going concern in the long term. We are currently in active dialogue with various creditors with respect to a restructuring of our balance sheet. There can be no assurance that these efforts will result in any such agreement. If an agreement is reached and we pursue a restructuring, it may be necessary for us to file a voluntary petition for relief under Chapter 11 of the United States Bankruptcy Code in order to implement this agreement through the confirmation and consummation of a plan of reorganization approved by the bankruptcy court in the bankruptcy proceedings. We may also conclude that it is necessary to initiate Chapter 11 proceedings to implement a restructuring of our obligations even if we are unable to reach an agreement with our creditors and other relevant parties regarding the terms of such a restructuring. In either case, such a proceeding could be commenced in the near term. If a plan of reorganization is implemented in a bankruptcy proceeding, it is likely that holders of claims and interests with respect to, or rights to acquire our equity securities, would likely be entitled to little or no recovery, and those claims and interests would likely be canceled for little or no consideration. If that were to occur, we anticipate that all, or substantially all, of the value of all investments in our common stock will be lost and that our equity holders would lose all or substantially all of their investment. It is also likely that our other stakeholders, including our secured and unsecured creditors, will receive substantially less than the amount of their claims.

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