Sunday, January 10, 2016

Prediction Contest: Things People Think Probably Won't Happen

The average probability (from the participants so far) is less than 50% for the following events:

Donald Trump is elected President.
Gold trades below $1,000/oz.
John Hussman's HSGFX fund is positive for the year (including dividends) starting January 1.
Chipotle Mexican Grill share price revisits 2012 levels by trading below $300.
Any of the following leave the asset management business (retirement, death, switching to family office): Bill Gross, Bill Ackman, Bill Miller, David Einhorn, John Hussman.
The S&P 500 trades above the high of 2134.72 from May 20, 2015.
Any of the following are indicted: Aubrey McClendon, Tom Ward, Hillary Clinton, J Michael Pearson.
Any of the following lose power (resign, deposed, defeated, killed): Kim Jong Un, Angela Merkel, Saudi royal family.
For the first time since 2005, a hurricane of Category 3 or greater makes landfall in the U.S.
Ten year Treasuries trade at a yield below 1.5%.
Spot crude oil ($WTIC) trades above the May 6, 2015 high of $62.58.
At any time, the two year Treasury yields more than the ten year Treasury.
Ten year Treasuries trade at a yield above 3.5%.
Gold trades above $2,000/oz.
A nuclear weapon is used in warfare or terrorism.

1 comment:

AllanF said...

I became a Trump supporter because all the people I hated, hated him.

Recently I stumbled upon Scott Adams' blog. Between his blog and the change in how Trump's being treated in the media the last 3-4 weeks, I'm now completely convinced Trump is a lock.