Monday, June 27, 2016

High Plateau Drifter on "The Narrative" and Trump

The unrelenting media narrative is that the economy is growing and everything is great. Of course, for those without real college educations the job opportunities are scarce and real wages are falling. Thus the subtext, and vehicle for social control in our atomized and socially disconnected society, is that if you aren't doing well the failure is you as a lone individual. The failure is yours and not a failure of the system. The propaganda message to every economic loser is that there is no opportunity to organize for changing the system because there is no broad base of support.

Trump is destroying this institutional narrative that allows social control of the economy's many losers. Getting Trump to abandon his "the economy sucks" narrative is far more important to the system than whether or not he wins the election. The last thing the current economic establishment wants, given that its primary business is the export of jobs and dollar denominated bonds in exchange for cheap goods, is to have the many economic losers understand that they are a majority with common interests. Whether or not Trump wins the election, his campaign theme will do irreparable damage to social control by the elites as the economy continues its down hill slide.

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ADL said...

Where are you seeing this narrative? Because the alleged Trumpian counternarrative is something I see in the NY Times all the time.