Monday, July 25, 2016

High Plateau Drifter On "Clinton Cash"

High Plateau Drifter writes,

Clinton Cash, the movie, is a remarkable documentary of abrupt Clinton policy reversals in individual cases granting approvals worth billions to be followed within a few days by lucrative speech opportunity for Bill Clinton or a big donation to the Clinton foundation from the recipient of the approval. Remarkably, her approval of projects in several African countries harmed the impoverished Black populations while corrupt elite dictators sold their countries natural resources to Hillary's friends on the cheap rather than develop them in open market bidding and under deal structures that would most benefit the native population. Same story in Haiti.

The movie has gone viral on Facebook, being the number one trending topic on their news feed, and with Sanders fan pages directing hundreds of thousands of viewers to the Utube video on its first day out.

Suddenly the private email server makes sense. These corrupt deals could only be arranged though extensive communication among a number of parties, and other participants would have to be involved to allow Hill and Bill plausible deniability. Also it amazes me that they sold out so cheaply, giving away approvals worth billions for a mere $500,000 or so each.

If this movie is widely viewed, Hillary is going to have a very hard time winning the election. And if Guccifer2 or someone else has and distributes the 30,000 emails she deleted it is curtains for Hillary. My sense is that most of the Beltway including Republican congressmen were aware of this activity and did nothing. The video will severly damage the credibility of our government including establishment Republicans who did nothing to stop it.

Thus I am watching to see how the bond reacts.
Watch it below,


Taylor Conant said...

Sometimes, to make great social welfare policies happen you have to do some corrupt deals that create personal, private benefit while selling out your fellow countrymen. It's just politics. What's the big deal?

~Specious progressive reasoning

High Plateau Drifter said...

Ripping off impoverished countries for their resources and funneling U.S. financial aid to projects that only benefit a few kleptocrats in those countries retards economic and social development of the impoverished masses. Just a tad inconsistent with Hill's stated ideals. Inconsistent also with advancing world wide economic growth.

Taylor Conant said...

History is a long, consistent annal of despicable power-mongers abusing and manipulating domestic and international populations via statecraft and war. Then, somewhere, a switch gets flipped in the "modern" era, and government is used for good, and the examples of corruption are just bad apples and lurkers.

Anonymous said...

It looks like the Russians correctly perceive that Trump, being focused on domestic prosperity and reconstruction, would leave them in peace:

Anonymous said...

Articles posted on Monday by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, and reports being published this week by news media organizations in 17 African countries, underscore the critical role that secret shell companies can play in facilitating tax evasion, bribery and other crimes. In Africa, offshore finance often underlies the exploitation of mineral wealth, with the benefits bypassing the public and going largely to wealthy executives and the government officials they pay off.

Taylor Conant said...

It would be more convenient to distract people from the fact that the US and the Dems routinely engage in local election rigging and disrupt "internal affairs" by accusing Russia and creating a boogeyman, wouldn't it?

Even if Russia DID do the hack and this constituted an attempt to "interfere" in the US election, what of the information? Weren't they the DNC's emails? Didn't they say the things they said? Don't they have the implications they have? Etc.

Anonymous said...

The sceptic asks; are the speaking fees for $500k the smoking gun for corruption that would be worth billion?

The 1MDB case in Malaysia shows when corruption exists the guys involved steal millions, even 100s of millions. But maybe this is just the US version and the corruptible amount is smaller.

Taylor Conant said...

The Clinton haul from speaking fees alone is something on the order of $150M, that is on the books. That's quite a lot of money even for a corrupt person. It's possible there were other arrangements off the books. As publicity hounds, the Clintons are also compensated with prestige and social standing, hard to out a dollar value on it but undoubtedly just as valuable for them.

High Plateau Drifter said...

"Even if Russia DID do the hack and this constituted an attempt to "interfere" in the US election, what of the information?"

The U.S. routinely and massively interfere in Russia's elections through its numerous well funded NGO's in Moscow. Tit for Tat finally??

League of Women Voters said...

It's customary for politicians to sell out the national interest for a penny on the dollar, or even less.

The politicians have no marketable skills so they're cheap, they're psychopaths so they don't care about the damage they've caused, and anyway the fig-leaf of a "speaking fee" wouldn't work if you were talking about any more money than they're already getting.

Doesn't anybody remember the Clintons selling the nuclear testing data to the Chinese??

Anonymous said...

The Navy Secretary has announced his intention for the USNS Harvey Milk!

1L said...

Hard to say. Some of our current political craziness reminds me of modern art, or sushi. Back in the day, the rich could easily demonstrate their superiority: they might have a Vermeer on the wall, but you didn’t. They had a chamber orchestra – you didn’t. But with cheap replication, anyone can afford a Vermeer print, anyone can buy the music they want for a song. An old Chevy can break the speed limit just as well as a Ferrari- sure, the Ferrari is faster, but where do you get to let it loose? The rich used to have food when others starved – but today, billionaire life span is only three years longer than average, probably because it’s hard to be a hard-charger if you’re chronically ill, rather than genuinely, significantly superior medical care. And, as Steve Jobs showed, the rich have no defense against their own damn-foolishness.

In such a situation, you pick a marker that nobody really likes: onethat marks you as different and special. You would pick something genuinely better, if you could, but the opportunity really isn’t there. So you do things that aren’t even fun – like eating sushi instead of pizza – because they mark you out as being above the hoi polloi. Not unlike Maya Kings and queens running a rope of thorns through their tongue, or driving a cactus spine through their penis in public. Just so, modern art instead of Rembrandts.

You adopt political ideas that are are obviously stupid – because only a truly refined person can understand their subtle justifications. There really are examples of deeply non-intuitive facts, but most of them are mathematically intense, so unavailable to our ruling classes. Much simpler to embrace those statements that are anti-intuitive because they’re just false.