Saturday, July 16, 2016

The Fake Coup

A correspondent writes,

The coup in Turkey was a fake meant to facilitate the arrest, removal, and replacement of its western-oriented legal system by a fundamentalist Muslim shariah law system.

The coup ended too quickly, with little real combat. It did not unfold like a normal coup, but like a staged drama. For example the regime was ready much too soon with arrests of a long list of judges and prosecutors who could not have had anything to do with military activity, but who were a barrier to imposition of shariah law.

The logic of coups has been worked out. There is an extensive literature and most any coup plotter would have read some of it.

He surely would have read Edward Luttwak's 1979 book, Coup d'Etat: A Practical Handbook. He would have known to arrest or kill the present head of state and, nowadays, to shut down the internet.


League of Women Voters said...

Agree that the coup was fake.

*Bomb parliament and kill nobody?
*Let Erdogan's plane land instead of shooting it down?
*No cops killed, but cops "arrested" soldiers in tanks?
*No cops arrested by better armed soldiers?

Taylor Conant said...

If the attempted coup in Turkey came as a surprise, there was good reason: The event went against decades of research on how, when and why coups happen.

Friday night’s uprising appeared to diverge wildly from the usual patterns. And political scientists who study coups say Turkey should have been at little risk.

Odds of a coup being executed > odds of a poorly executed coup being executed... Occam's Razor says this was a fake.

Taylor Conant said...

Meanwhile, question begged-- how has Venezuela NOT had a coup?

Taylor Conant said...

From the article: "Research suggests that carrying out a successful coup is a bit like baking a cake: There is a recipe, and if you skip steps or leave out ingredients, you’ll almost certainly fail."

Turkey had big ol' chunks of unmixed flour in their coup batter. Totally boned the recipe.

CP said...

"At height of Turkish coup bid, rebel jets had Erdogan's plane in their sights"

CP said...

The notion that the coup was a stage-managed drama—a pretext for the regime to purge its remaining enemies—may seem fanciful to Westerners, yet is entirely within the realm of possibility for Turks. This, after all, is the country that gave us the term “deep state” (derin devlet) to describe the secret forces that really control events. Turkish politics are filled with plots and coups, often of mysterious provenance, including shadowy terrorist groups that may—or may not—be controlled by the government, so it’s worthwhile asking what’s actually happening in Ankara.

Anonymous said...

It is important to understand the technique of the coup d'etat.

The US had three, maybe four, coups d'etat during the 20th Century: the murder of William McKinley, which made a Rothschild agent, Teddy Roosevelt, president, maybe the mysterious death of Warren Harding, the removal of Nixon from office, and the murder of John Kennedy.

It is easy to see that 9/11/2000 was an inside job. It did not unfold with the timing of an actual event.

The feds found video of the highjackers too soon. They found the highjackers' luggage too soon. Supposedly there were passports in the highjackers' luggage.

It was quite unlikely that the high-jackers would bring luggage and passports along for a brief, one-way suicide mission, or that they would need passports where they were going.

A newscaster reported the collapse of Building 7 while it was still standing.

A highjacker's passport emerged from a super-heated cloud of debris and fluttered to the feet of an FBI agent.

Instead of saying, "Move along, folks. There's nothing to see here, folks," as they would have done if 9/11 had been an outside job, the mass media repeated video footage all day long, for days on end.

Similarly, the Turkish government already had a long list of thousands of opponents to arrest before it had even crushed the recent coup. And the coup collapsed too soon to be a real coup. Westernizing, secular forces in Turkey are not as weak as the speed of collapse of the staged coup makes it seem.

League of Women Voters said...

the main impetus behind "boo police" is anti-white sentiment among blacks.

In the minds of most blacks, the police are the foot soldiers and open-air prison guards who keep blacks submissive, at the behest of the institutional racist white system that feels threatened by blacks doin' they own thang.

Therefore, holding anti-police views -- or escalating to anti-police actions -- stems from resentment against white people as a group. To them, the police are white folks' hired goons, so neutering or taking out the cops is just the first step toward taking down the wealthy and powerful whitey himself, who will be left with no protective forces.

That is quite a different motivation from civil libertarian types who are skeptical of the police because they are their own interest group

High Plateau Drifter said...

Municipal and state police forces protect criminals from the disorganized mob "justice" that would prevail in their absence. 100 years ago persons suspected of rape and murder were often brought to justice by lynch mobs. There is much PC propaganda about southern lynch mobs hanging blacks, but statistics show that these mobs actually hung just as many whites. The point is that the justice meted out by crime victims and their neighbors tends to flow from emotion with far less accurate ascertainment of evidence and facts than that provided by police and court enforcement.

If the police were to withdraw from the Black ghettos, the vigilante justice would result in many multiples of the current death rate from police shootings, with vast numbers of deaths for petty insults and alleged civil wrongs, and given the average IQ extant in those quarters, from mistake and ignorance.