Tuesday, August 16, 2016

China Helping the Lion of Damascus

A correspondent writes,

China is going to strengthen its military role in Syria.

I was expecting this to happen eventually, but it is astounding that it has happened, even so.

The US/Israel/Saudi effort to overthrow the Syrian government has given rise to the military alliance of Russia/Syria/Iran/China, with more Syrian allies to come. This may be the motive for the departure of Turkey from NATO.
In the aftermath of the fake coup, Turkey does seem to be moving away from Europe/NATO and toward Russia.


Anonymous said...

What does America say, if in the first year of the Russian Amerikanskiy Zone program 100,000 Americans leave the shores to escape the USG yoke, followed by 250,000 the next year and maybe 500,000 the third year? This would be in contrast to USG immigration policy focused on semi-literate Third Worlders and diseased gays. There would be silence. There would be no way to frame it positively.

http://www.socialmatter.net/ 2016/01/03/amerikanskiy-zones/

Anonymous said...

If they can create an economic boom in the Far East or even parts of Siberia this could lead to a population spurt and as someone else mentioned last week they are enacting policies to help that occur. I wouldn't be surprised if they will open up some opportunities in Russia to Western families of good quality and stock looking to escape imported diversity.

For example, Zeya, a tiny rural town in the Far East would seem much nicer and safer if I was a White British plumber living in Rotherham with a wife and a couple of young blond girls to watch out for. http://www.admzeya.ru/
Personally I'd probably go for Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, maybe set up a tourism operation or salmon farming to cater to the Chinese.

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