Thursday, August 18, 2016

Sea Levels, Soros, and the Warmism Scam

A correspondent writes,

There are sea walls, boat moorings and harbor structures all over the world whose elevation above sea-level has not changed since they were built. Some of these were built several thousand years ago. One such ocean-side structure is a seawall that Alexander the Great constructed to invade an island city off the coast of present-day Israel.

Several years ago, I talked about this seawall with a marine archaeologist who specializes in the coast of Israel. I was gathering information about whether sea levels have risen or fallen during the Industrial Age. They have not.

I started by by noticing, soon after Al Gore introduced his global warming swindle, that an ocean mooring made somewhere near Australia had not changed its elevation with respect to sea level since it was installed in the 1840s.

So the sea has not risen from melting ice. (The temperature of the earth has fallen for 80 years, possibly because Earth is heading into an Ice Age.)

Here is a chance for you to watch knowledge of the Gore's global warming swindle spread. Soros gave $30 million to Gore to support his global warming swindle
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