Sunday, September 11, 2016

"Dave", the 1993 Film


CP said...

9/11 anniversary was a huge public appearance that she had to make. Her medical team must have prepped like crazy to get her through the ordeal and she still collapsed.

Huge dilemma for the campaign now with eight weeks to go. They will have zero confidence of her passing muster in public appearances without a radical change in her treatment. But if it’s Parkinson’s, and Huma email researching Provigil points to that, then alt treatments are risky.

This episode will also erode Hillary’s confidence. Good chance team Clinton pulls her out of public appearances. It weakens her poll numbers but doesn’t tank them

whydibuy said...

Are you saying you don't believe her first 3 stories about her health?
1) She had coughing fits over allergies.
2) She "over heated on a balmy 78 degree with low humidity day in NY.
3) She was allegedly diagnosed with pneumonia on Friday ( so why lie about overheating on Sunday? )
This woman is pathologically addicted to lying and deceit.

Anonymous said...

Virtually none of the white diversity and equality advocates actually believe what they claim to believe, and quite possibly even think they believe. They can argue about how the Great Society ruined the black family or reference sob stories about the anti-Communist Boat People or declare that Hispanics are naturally conservative family-oriented people all they like, because at the end of the day, experiencing the hard reality that their children are now a despised minority will hit them in the solar plexus and cause them considerable intellectual and emotional distress.

Remember, most people cannot think in the abstract. They cannot make sense of concepts that are outside their range of direct experiences. To them, diversity means an imaginary limit of perhaps 40 percent people with different color skin who are nevertheless ordinary white people just like them on the inside. They have never spent a single day in Tokyo, where there are thousands of Asians in every direction without a single white face as far as the eye can see. They have never sat in a single meeting where everyone is rapidly speaking a language you don't know well enough to follow.

They simply cannot imagine any situation where those like them are not in complete control of the situation. They think it is safe to indulge themselves in their virtue-signaling in favor of diversity and equality and progress, never realizing that those things not only have consequences, but will have severe consequences that will impact the lives of them and their children.

Anonymous said...

In America, we are heirs to Whig history. The Whig interpretation of history is a four hundred year narrative in which Western civilization progressed from the darkness of monarchy, aristocracy, stasis, inequality, bigotry, and anti-empiricism, toward a world of freedom, democracy, progress, equality, and scientific enlightenment. All mainstream history today is Whig history. Even conservative history, as interpreted by the National Review or Heritage Institute, is 99% Whig history, with only dissent when it comes to the most recent events and revisionism. For instance, no mainstream conservative is openly on the side of the Tories or Loyalists on the question of the American Revolution.

Anonymous said...

Noblesse oblige — the idea that the powerful, wealthy and fortunate are morally obligated to act magnanimously, particularly toward the less fortunate — is out of style, having been replaced with a quickness by noblesse malice, my coinage to describe a modern American nobility that not only disavows magnanimity, but actively seeks to make life more miserable for the lesser classes. Noblesse malice is what we get when the elite that actively hates the subjects under their rule are joined in their hatred by the institutions (media, academia, religions) traditionally tasked with exposing and indicting the elite’s depredations.