Sunday, November 13, 2016

High Plateau Drifter: "A veterans' day reverie."

To all my fellow veterans who have been tethered to the stake in small numbers as sacrificial lambs to serve as targets so as to justify larger wars - from those sailors left behind at Pearl Harbor, to the small units stationed in Saudi Arabia on the border of Iraq over a decade ago - and the small units of NATO allies moving up to the borders of Russia as a provocation now:

Greetings from a veteran of the Berlin Brigade 1970 - two years after the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia - 10,000 of us surrounded by 250,000 Russians and East Germans.

Understand what your sons and daughters are volunteering for!!!

The elites and oligarchs know perfectly well that Russian nukes target them and only them, since the object of modern nuclear war is surgical decapitatation of the leadership, and definitely not the the de-population of the flyover areas of the U.S.

They fervently hope for early warning by tethering your sons and daughters as goats to the stake and pray fervently that Russia will take their lives, the irrelevant bait, and not bypass them and surge forward to real targets.


B said...

The Russians (and the Chinese) know where the Rothschilds, their associates and immediate underlings live. They live at estates that are worth a kiloton of nuclear explosives each.

They gather in the Hamptons, on Martha's Vineyard, at Pacific Heights and Malibu, in Manhattan, in London, in the warmer parts of southern England, in Paris and in the
choice parts of southern France.

All are within easy reach of missiles emerging from the nearby sea.

High Plateau Drifter said...

CP tells me that Charles Murray in his book "Coming Apart" states in an appendix that America's billionaire oligarchs are concentrated in 27 zip codes and then lists those zip codes. One would be a fool to assume that Russia has not targeted them all. Add to those the DC metroplex, throw in a smattering of the military targets and bases that are more than glorified jobs programs and you have the whole enchilada.

Hard to see why anyone would waste a perfectly good nuke on Evansville, Indiana, for example.

Vlad said...

Chapter 3 of Coming Apart is a manual for regime change in the United States - he calls them the "SuperZips".

The biggest geographical concentration of these super zipcodes is actually Washington, DC. The other two are Los Angeles and Manhattan.

If an adversary turned those three cities (really just the westside of LA, of course) into glass, there would be no one left who even knew why a conflict had started.

However, fortunately, with President Trump it looks like we won't have neocons pushing us to the brink of nuclear war with Russia. (Fingers crossed until we see the executive branch appointments, though.)

whydibuy said...

High plains tinfoil is off his meds again.
After a predictably silly analysis about some deep state conspiracy to prop up stocks before the election, ( hows that short position working out for ya with the dow at a new all time high and the trannies confirming,lol ? )he is going full batshit about some vague nuclear exchange over nothing in particular. No doubt he is typing this nonsense from his tin foil bomb bunker.

B said...

Here are the Super Zips.

CP said...

Every senior political leader is captured by special-interest groups by way of the flow of information. There is no bureaucracy in history that is not based on a hierarchical system of the control over the flow of information to the decision-maker at the top. Trump will soon be trapped in a system in which the papers that are put on his desk, and the people he is scheduled to meet with, will be determined by a handful of appointees. He will issue orders. But the hierarchical system that supposedly must carry out his orders is staffed by people who know how to control the flow of information upward. public/15883.cfm

Skeptic said...

This blog strongly suspects that the Cathedral has become an object of animosity as a consequence of its morbidity. After all, it’s a mind-control apparatus. If it’s no longer universally accepted, and in certain problematic patches actively loathed, dysfunction is clearly indicated. Contestation of its story is not supposed to be part of the story.

Skeptic said...

There’s another interesting angle on this: The Clinton campaign, like the Obama campaign, had Eric Schmidt and Google and the best minds in Silicon Valley onboard. They collected data and ran it through algorithms and so on. Yet they were beaten by a troll. Trump apparently shunned stats, he doesn’t use a computer, he just tweets from his phone, yet he outflanked the tech geeks. The tech made it possible but, at the end of the day, it was just plumbing and it was the man using it that mattered most. The geeks are not going to inherit the Earth; they’re going to be bullied by jocks on their own platforms.