Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Medical Research Results for Cannabidiol

A correspondent writes,

The number of favorable medical research results for cannabidiol (CBD) is exponentially increasing. This now outweighs negative propaganda by the alcohol and pharmaceutical industries, the bureaucratic imperative of the DEA, and the hunger for payoffs by news media, politicians, police, and judiciary.

Here are the numbers of CBD medical research papers during the following time periods:

681    11/30/2011 to 11/30/2016
336    11/30/2006 to 11/30/2011
166    11/30/2001 to 11/30/2006
51      11/30/1996 to 11/30/2001
38      11/30/1991 to 11/30/1996

There have been more than 4 doublings in the number of medical research papers, although the number of research results has been artificially limited by criminalization and licensing.

There is, and will be, an effort to protect preexisting economic interests through taxation and licensing.

A recent research report: "Alabama researchers announce positive findings of Cannabidiol study."

Criminalization put a huge damper on research like this.
Some background reading. Also, other CBS posts on medicine.

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