Wednesday, February 1, 2017

High Plateau Drifter: "A tale of two nations"

As I watch the massive anti-Trump marches, shouting, window smashing, fires and physical assaults, I cannot help but conclude that this will have the unintended consequence of radicalizing the Trump voters and potential voters. My strong impression from acquaintances in the exurban Texas county where I live is that most Trump voters had only a moderate attachment to the candidate and his policy message. The media and the screamers are doing everything in their power to super charge that attachment.

Most clearly had no idea that the election of Trump could make so many young whites take to the streets and start fires and break windows. Obviously, those Trumpsters who watch Breitbart, or read Zero Hedge probably had some idea of the potential extremity at the other end of the political spectrum. However, the "mainstream" media is proudly streaming video of these riots and protests to much less committed voters and potential voters, expecting them to somehow be frightened into opposing job creation, vetting potential terrorists, and ending illegal immigration as contrary to American values.

This news coverage will have the opposite effect as can be seen in the polling numbers showing clear majority approval of Trump's temporary freeze on immigration from 7 Moslem countries. In fact, it is obvious to average voters that opening the borders and allowing millions of immigrants to flood into the country will do nothing to improve their lives or incomes. Oligarchs and corporate titans, yes, but high school grads and college grads from less competitive colleges and universities, not so much.

But far more fascinating is the intensity of emotion in young white protesters shouting, threatening and harassing the attendees at the Milo Yiannopoulis campus speeches. The charge they level is that opposition to open borders, bringing jobs back to America and improving the living standards of citizens (regardless of race) is, nevertheless, racist. Milo calls these protesters "cucks." But the label does not come close to describing the sense of emotional panic and vehemence of these protesters. A "cuck" is one who meekly and quietly moves to the corner and watches (It does describe many Republican Congressmen).

In contrast, one cannot escape the impression that these protesters are filled with fear that there will soon be a mass uprising of all the the brown and black people on the planet who will slaughter whites, and they hope that somehow their past record of protest against “racists” will allow them to be spared.

It is as if this world wide uprising of black and brown people will be organized and will run massive formal Nuremberg trials of 500 million whites world wide to sort out the virtuous from the condemned.

Pure delusion.

But then there is the economic explanation.

If your parents are employees of local, state for federal government, and you would like to follow in their footsteps, avoid the brutal world of competition and 12 hour work days in the private sector, and then retire to a fat $100,000 plus per year pensions, then Trump does in fact pose an existential threat to that expectation.

After all, mass immigration provides huge and growing demand for low intensity clerical work to process the welfare needs of these new arrivals.

The problem is that even low IQ immigrants gradually adapt, find jobs, and at least at the margin, go off welfare. Without a continuing inflow there is slow attrition of government jobs and a reduced demand for public "services." While the parents of these protesting students may be able to keep their jobs, the absence of massive new arrivals guarantees fewer future hires, throwing these young protesters to the fierce competition and the long work hours of the private sector, where entry level wages for graduates of less competitive schools - and indeed all but the top graduates at many mid ranked state schools with good football teams - are subsistence level.

You can say what you like about the student protesters, but the main stream media should know enough to see the danger of the emotional attack on Trump and his policies as "racist". All they are doing is diluting the effect of that epithet and radicalizing Trump voters. The other thing that the main stream media fails to understand is something that the Kelly Ann Conways of the world have experienced first hand. In the U.S. there are approximately 800 counties – all “red” in presidential elections - which are more than 90% white and which have birth rates around or above 3 per woman.

Anyone who lives in the Red States can see that this trend is growing. The church parking lots are overflowing on Sundays. Intelligent kids are cooperatively home schooled to escape bad schools. Once the social pressures of the 1950s to marry and have kids evaporated in the early 1960s with the the advent of the pill, we had a large increase in the percentage of childless couples living the consumer lifestyle. Post pill, procreation depended upon instinct - a genetic factor - rather than social pressure.

Thus in two to three generations the only whites left will have strong reproductive instincts (in addition to mere sexual urges), which will have huge implications for consumption.

If you are a socially isolated high IQ professional, having children is very expensive, but for these exurban church going breeders, having children is cheap. There are child care coops within the congregation. There are teenage girls who do baby sitting. Parents with older children pass children's clothing on to younger parents in the congregation.

The men at most of these churches have trucks and earn good incomes as tradesmen - plumbers, electricians, locksmiths, well diggers - and it is easy for young high school grads to find apprenticeships with them, particularly older tradesmen who are declining in physical strength. If some of the parishioners have ranches or farms, there is less need to do prepping for survival, and a ready group of armed guards of food stocks and livestock in the event of societal breakdown.

As an aside, to aspiring white nationalists out there I would advise that you stop pissing away money on fancy "conferences" staged to sate the ego needs of self proclaimed "leaders" and get a divinity degree instead.

But on a more serious note, we now have the massive trend of the baby boom whites cutting back on consumption, (the lead edge is now 71) and we have the replacement generations of church going young whites cooperating to keep consumption in check as their birth rates and numbers rise rapidly.

The investment implications of these trends are clear as are the political and voting trends. And we no longer have Walter Cronkite instructing us every night on how we should feel about events that fit the narrative, and where the limits of acceptable opinion are located. We have Milo, Bannon and Trump telling us that it is all a fraud and a con, and that we should laugh at and ridicule them.

Trump holds all the cards. Congress appropriates funds but it cannot force Trump to spend.

The courts can issue injunctions and writs of mandate till the cows come home and the President, and everyone under his command, can ignore them as President Roosevelt did prior to his Court packing exercise.

Congress could shut down the government by refusing to appropriate money, but then they would not be re-elected, and the states would take over and do a much better job of running the country.

This is going to end badly for the screamers both in the media and on college campuses.

And if they really are enamored of violence they had better look at the tiny areas of blue on the map. They are surrounded.


ADL said...

Well, maybe.

Anonymous said...

I really don't think the churches are that popular any more. Do you have any data to support that church congregation size is increasing in the USA?

The idea of large families among the working poor (of any race) deepens on money - either wage growth or availability of welfare.

I do agree that the media is making a mistake in Presidental coverage that will backfire again.

whydibuy said...

The irony of these Trump bashers is that they consider themselves inclusive, diversity loving tolerant liberals. But if you have a different viewpoint then these self proclaimed equality lovers then the "tolerant" left becomes violently intolerant and divisive.
This new administration has exposed these leftist as leftist always are, namely totalitarian types who do violence to get their way. As its said, the road to totalitarianism is paved with good intentions. But here we see the so called good intentions are Just a cover story for forceful imposition of the lefts ideals of what they decide is fair and right. And if you disagree, shut you down, silence you and imprison you if possible. Its just the leftists playbook and they are running it line by line. Trump is acting as the perfect antidote to the lefts poison and they are hysterical about it.

Anonymous said...

I have a lot of respect for High Plateau Drifter. But his socio-political blog posts are moronic. We no longer live in the unrest of the 1960s and that era of mass media is over. Aside from a few anarchists smashing a Starbucks window and setting a limo on fire, there has been no violence... yet. There have been so-called "resistance protests" which have -- and will likely continue to -- accomplish nothing. But wait until the foolish baby boomers (the majority of whom have less than $1,000.00 in savings) that voted for Trump loose their entitlements. Wait until inflation surges and makes it even more difficult (if not impossible) for the baby boomers with savings to afford food and shelter, let alone retirement. We will see who is holding onto their pitchforks.

Anonymous said...

@whydidibuy: Fair enough, but perhaps spare a moment to reflect on whether the left is the only player who is intolerant and divisive.

High Plateau Drifter said...

There are approximately 3000 counties in the U.S. I (and one other who shall remain unnamed) did a study and found 800 non diverse counties with white birth rates well in excess of replacement. We had no way of figuring out whether there are many more pockets of white fertility within diverse counties, because such statistics do not exist. As for church attendance, if you are the typical investor you are going to have few friends who attend church services. While I am a believer of sorts, I do not attend church services. But if you are an investor it is very important to keep track of those growing sectors of the white race in order to correctly forecast political and economic trends. What this suggests is that Trump, perhsps, is aware of these demographic sub sets that will increasingly dominate politics and consumer economics going forward.

Anonymous said...

@HPD: Unless he's a one-off, of course (though to be fair, you did say "perhaps.") What's the population of these 800 counties? Fast growth off a low base can be, even after generations, a drop in the bucket. Look at Orthodox Jews in the US... And talk all you want of the white race but I'm not sure how much of the white race thinks in those terms. And be wary of extrapolating a snapshot. Not that long ago, Irish, Italians and Jews were at best partial and grudging members of the white race.

whydibuy said...

OK, Anon, show us a riot and violence by the right when a leftist speaker is at a event.
Good luck finding a incident by the conservatives getting violent over a liberal viewpoint talk.
Or try to find a event that was crashed by militant conservatives disrupting a presentation by a liberal. You won't find any.

High Plateau Drifter said...

It is a mistake to look at statistics for the race as a whole, since obviously there are moving parts - sub-sets with very different fertility characteristics. As for county size, as just one example there is the county just north of Columbus Ohio with over half a million people, average income above 100g and birth rates at 3 per woman. Probably the same is true of Carmel Indiana just north of Indianapolis, but I haven't looked.

As I said, once the childless couples eliminate their genes from the gene pool, the numbers will surprise. Reproduction is now instinct and not the result of social pressure as it clearly was in the 1950s when I was a child. White fertility is now in the genes and no longer dependent on the culture.

Anonymous said...

@whydidibuy: That would be a fine response if riots were the only way to show intolerance and divisiveness. But you do not seem willing to consider the possibility that they're not, as requested. No harm, no foul, but also probably no point in continuing the discussion.

B said...

The original purpose of elections was to make head counts of groups of militarily-effective white men so as to predict which group of militarily-effective white men would win any actual civil war between groups of militarily-effective white men. Elections usually made civil war unnecessary.

This purpose has been prevented by adding militarily-ineffective people to the voting rolls, by adding anti-white people to the voting rolls, by stuffing ballot boxes, by having tombstones and aliens vote, and by using monopoly news media to deprive voters of information.

Now, many white men with high-testosterone think that there cannot be another presidential election because the anti-white left will not surrender power when it loses an election.

White men are discussing military organization, weapons, tactics, and strategy.

Today is like Spain in 1935.

There will be war.

whydibuy said...

Anon. So riots are perfectly good, benign events according to you. I disagree. Rioters attacked shop owners who are not in the situation at all. You're condoning, excusing and justifying violence of all kinds ( where did I say just riots? ) shows you are one of the militant marxist leftists who think the violence they are doing is good for you since you don't agree with them.
You even have the leftist playbook in hand accussing anyone who disagrees with you as "intolerant" or " divisive "
You leftist do think you are holier than thou. You're not.

Anonymous said...

@Whydidibuy: I will try one more time, though that probably just proves I'm foolish.

Kindly show where I condone violence.

Kindly show where I say riots are benign.

Kindly show where I accuse you of being intolerant or divisive.

Far as I can see, I did none of those things. I think riots are ridiculous (you're right; I used riots as shorthand for all kinds of violence, so I'll state it more directly: any kind of violence is ridiculous, both vile and counterproductive). I merely asked you to consider whether riots were the only way to demonstrate intolerance and divisiveness.

If you read the relatively little I wrote, you will see that I haven't actually accused you of anything, and that I said "fair enough." I believe that's usually taken as a sign of agreement (I'd add some caveats but we probably wouldn't agree on those so no point in getting into it). I think you make some valid points, and like I said, fair enough. But here's my view on the conversation:

You: Leftists riot, committing violence to shut down their opponents. They are divisive and intolerant.
I: But aren't others also divisive and intolerant?
You: Leftists are violent. People on the right aren't. [Again, I might insert some caveats, but whatever: your point isn't off-base]
I: Okay, but aren't there ways of being divisive and intolerant which don't involve violence?
You: You like riots and are a Marxist

Is that inaccurate? If so, kindly explain to me how. It doesn't seem like we are really speaking to each other here, though. Unless we begin, respectfully, I'm done.

eah said...

spare a moment to reflect

Why not spare us the trouble and tell us, since you seem to know -- and stop commenting as 'Anonymous' -- it's impossible to tell one 'Anonymous' from another -- idiot.

eah said...

I: Okay, but aren't there ways of being divisive and intolerant which don't involve violence?

Drop the pretentious bullshit and tell us.

whydibuy said...

eah, yeah, I ask for examples of conservative groups rioting over a liberal speaker and all I get is some vague, condescending babble about "aren't there ways of being divisive". But no examples. As usual.
Furthermore politics is about divisiveness. Liberals have some notion that everyone should agree on everything and if you don't its a intolerant act.

James said...

@Whydidibuy: I will try one more time, though that probably just proves I'm foolish.

Kindly show where I condone violence.

Kindly show where I say riots are benign.

He's criticizing you because you're making a weaselly false-equivalence argument.

"Violence isn't the only way to be intolerant and divisive. Trump made a rude comment about women. Isn't THAT divisive!??"

No one cares. There is a huge gulf separating "intolerant" rhetoric and actual violence. One is part of the give and take of political debate; the other is intended to shut down debate. They aren't and never will be the same thing, no matter how much you try to imply that "conservatives do it too!!!"

whydibuy said...

James again no examples of violent responses from conservative groups over a liberal speaker. You seem to consider some lewd comment the equivalent of a violent riot and the physical attacking of those who have a different view.
BTW president clinton had a intern suck his dick, whereas trump just said some locker room talk as I'm sure you have done. And you are a weaselly liar if you if you say you never had. I wonder if you consider that " divisive ?
Lastly, my whole point is the conservatives DON'T do it too when it comes to violent responses to speakers and ideas they don't agree with.

Anonymous said...

Another anon here @whydibuy: A clear example of a right-wing group (fascists) who silenced and attacked liberal groups is the Nazi Holocaust. I think there are extremists on the far-left (anarchists) as well as the far right (neo-nazis) who commit violence. That said, I would agree with you that there has been more violence from the left than from the right in post-WWII US history.

A bigger question I have for you is: why do you want to debate about this issue as a political issue between the left and the right? There is going to be class warfare between protected and unprotected classes in the USA. I would be interested on hearing your thoughts regarding these blog posts since your perspective may be very different than mine: .

Anonymous said...