Monday, February 20, 2017

Peabody Energy Prices $950 Million Term Loan

The term loan is expected to close on April 3, 2017, concurrent with the anticipated effective date of Peabody Energy’s plan of reorganization and subject to court approval. The proceeds from the term loan will be used to fund a portion of the distributions to creditors provided for under the plan of reorganization.


Anonymous said...

Borrow rate has exploded and no stock anywhere to borrow.

ADL said...

Stone Energy (which has amazingly traded without a Q appended) to emerge on 2/28, maybe--5% equity for current holders (less all the usual complications and holdbacks) plus warrants for 15% more (see above) at an equity value which seems aggressive but reachable (though they always do...)

Anonymous said...

Judge Announces Intention To Confirm Peabody Energy Plan Of Reorganization, Paving Way For Emergence