Monday, December 11, 2017

"GNC's Miss on Debt Deal Leads Fitch to See Restructuring" $GNC


"A lot of the troubles that GNC has are secular pressures that have no end date," said Seema Shah, a senior analyst at Bloomberg Intelligence. "It's hard to think of a strategic partner or even a financial buyer that make sense, especially with the debt on the balance sheet that's coming due relatively quickly."
I think a lot of CBS readers supplement & do weight training. Raise your hand in the comments if you shop at GNC for any of your supplements...

Meanwhile, GNC Aug 2020 debt traded today at 44 cents, a YTM of about 36%.


Anonymous said...

No, just plain work out. :-)

eah said...

No supplements -- not saying they don't or won't help -- just don't use them personally.