Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Oddball Stocks Newsletter

Credit Bubble Stocks is known for a number of things: short ideas (DSL, WLT, XCO, BCEI), capital structure arbitrage ideas (CPE, RMIX, GMXR, KV-A, SHLD), micro cap value ideas (CNRD, TVOC, OPST, SFBK, LINSA), thoughts on interest rates, and our book reviews and links.

Some of our readers may also be familiar with Nate Tobik and his blog Oddball Stocks, which he turned into the Oddball Stocks Newsletter in 2014.

Nate also runs a software company called Complete Bank Data which tapped a market need at smaller banks and is now growing rapidly. It is taking up so much of his time that he asked me to help out with the Oddball Stocks Newsletter.

So from now on my writing about the micro cap stocks is mostly going to be in the Oddball Newsletter. We just published a new one, issue number 22. If you liked reading my ideas on these over the years and want to keep seeing them, you should subscribe.

The link to subscribe is here:

In addition to the micro cap ideas, the Newsletter also has general commentary from us. I hope Credit Bubble Stocks readers will subscribe so they can continue to be part of that conversation. (The newsletter also has a members-only forum.)

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