Thursday, July 29, 2021

All Roads Lead to Physical Fitness

[From our guest correspondent, @pdxsag.] 

"All roads lead to physical fitness. It's the one litmus test for whether a mutual has seen through the Coof-prop." -@PdxSag

Over the last year I've been floored by various “mutuals” on the internet that have broke in favor of lockdowns, quarantines, and mandatory vaccinations, versus those that have called the Covid response a farce, a psy-op, a statist power-grab, etc.

First I must clarify what I mean by a “mutual.” On twitter, it means two people that follow each other. Twitter is a status game where having the most followers is winning. If you can't have the most followers, having followers that have the most followers is the next best thing. Hopefully you can influence the influencers. So, I don't mean mutual in that strict sense. I mean mutual as ideological fellow traveller. For myself and I suspect most of CBS readers, that is going to be people who are sympathetic to traditionally defined small 'c' conservatism and small 'l' libertarianism.

Otherwise intelligent people I trusted on things financial and political, two topics that don't suffer fools gladly, would voice opinions indistinguishable from WHO or CDC talking points. I had no idea how someone was going respond to the Covid propaganda. It seemed so random.

As I wrote in April, "2020 was the year everyone dropped their mask." So after 2020, we knew exactly where everyone stood, but we were left agape at who broke which way. Well, dear reader, it finally hit me and now I share it with you.

Whether someone thought to be clear-eyed and intelligent was going to be in favor of Big Government's and Big Pharma's Covid response is predictable based on their physical fitness (or lack thereof).

This is most obvious with Boomers, likely owing to their relatively more imminent mortality. And narcissism.

Physicians are another solidly predictable demographic, owing to their professional obligation to embrace the "standard of care" which explicitly demands a pill or surgery as the solution to every problem that ails us, with the rare exceptions who reject the standard of care in favor of a heterodox diet and some form of strength training as the true solution to today's chronic disease epidemic.

To be clear, fitness alone is not sufficient. Being fit doesn't make someone smart. There are fit bubble brains all over solidly progressive metros, though as one gets older it's harder and harder to stay fit if you're not smart. Hence, my qualifier about this rule being applicable to mutuals.

Conversely, being smart doesn't make someone fit. You have to step away from the computer and actually put in the hard work that's required to build your corporeal self. (OTOH, though it's hard in quality, it's far less in quantity than people are led to believe.)

This leads to the final irony. We are better served following the trolling aesthetes of frog-twitter than some high-IQ autists. Body first, and the mind will follow.

Truth. Once you see it, you can never unsee it.

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Katahdin said...

I love the idea that physical fitness brings clear thinking on covid, mostly because I exercise and think clearly (just like everyone does in their own mind).
But I have to wonder why your observation might be true. My guess is that it has something to do with exercising with a mask being uncomfortable, which leads people like me to look for reasons not to do it. This leads to all sorts of confirmation of my prior beliefs (being outside is healthy, sedentary people are more at risk of everything, etc...), and I can see how it can lead people who exercise to doubt one thing after another, and eventually distrust much of the covid narrative.
But I have trouble believing that people who exercise will always 'get it right'. If something (really dirty air, for example) was especially likely to hurt fit people... my brain would probably work very hard to distrust the evidence and narrative, even if it was solid.