Thursday, March 24, 2022

"Zoomer Conscripts" by Harold Watson

[Credit Bubble Stocks correspondent Harold Watson writes with his thoughts about the "Zoomer Conscripts" in the RUS-UKR war. Last year he gave us the report of his trip to Bentonville, AR.]

As one who is closely following the Russia-Ukraine War, I’m struck by the Russians’ deployment of poorly trained teenagers into the theater. Captured Russians burst into tears at the slightest show of warmth by Ukrainian civilians, who bring them tea and allow them to call their mothers back in Russia. Other reports show lines of Russian corpses along the highways following Ukrainian ambushes. Articles have portrayed the use of conscripts from poor Russian families and from Russia’s minority groups-Abkhazians, Khazaks and Chechens. Well-connected Russian youths have so far been exempted from mass conscription. Many of the captives are probably their families’ only sons, given Russia’s 2010 rate of 40 abortions per thousand women, the highest in the world. Owing to their poor diets and alcohol and drug abuse, these youths are among the unhealthiest in Europe.

It seems that Putin is reviving one of the ghastliest practices of Stalin’s Red Army in World War II; namely, the deployment of rear-guard echelons with orders to shoot any deserters. With already plummeting morale, compounded by hunger and frostbite, this decision by the high command is certain to lead to even greater panic among this young cohort. The old adage holds true in this case even more convincingly: wars are launched by old men and ravage the young.

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